Are tools really important for ones Internet Marketing? (Part 5 and final)

I always state “Without the right tools your Internet Marketing Business can fall apart overnight.” Question is, which one are the most important tools we need? My answer: There are 2 real important  things we need in the first place. That’s a Responder and a Video Recorder. If there is some one who do not know about the importance about a responder, listen up. We finally need responders in order to build our lists. But how much is that going to cost us? Oh boy, this is no fun, for sure. Of course, one can select out of so many offers on the market. But monthly payments can be horrendously. The list goes on. What about hosting? After you have purchased a URL? Costs regularely about some 10 bucks a month. And what about Email Accounts, Blogger Builder or WordPress. And before one realizes you have to spend some 200 bucks a month or even more – BEFORE you can even start a business.

Wouldn’t it be great (under this circumstances) to have something where everything is included in a single package (in a box so to speak) and where everything is working together without any problem? And for an affordable price as well? Long story short, I’ve already found the best solution for me and in case you’re a bit curiously, just go for my main site, there is all the good stuff. See you there.

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