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…leveraging the power of facebook. Needless to explain Facebook or how useful Facebook is. I had the same problem, literally. Okay, I found something that is a great help and it costs peanuts, just  some 3 bucks. In my opinion, this important for everyone who is doing Internet Marketing. So, I thought I cannot hold back such a bargain and it’s a must to tell you. And because it is no real business for me I can do it anyway and you’ll be glad. It’s the first time I put a link in here. :: My very good friend Joel Therien released a Facebook Marketing Course and well, he must have gone – insane. Here is why. That book was originally going to sell it at $197.00.. but then he decided to sell it at $2.95 cents! Ah.. I said to him, what’s the catch, what is the upsell? He said to me “there is no catch, no upsell, no forced continuity.. there is NO CATCH at all!” And finally “Most brand new marketers turn to facebook for leads.. and well.. most brand new marketers have very little money to spend…” Okay, as I said, this is simply a bargain, go and get that book (http://sociallever.com/?id=enibas) and master your marketing with this first class FB marketing help. But don’t forget, it’s the first time I put a link into my blog. I’m not going to repeat that, but this time I simply could not resist.

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