The power of facebook for your “Local” Internet Marketing.

There are many marketing tools out there for Local Internet Marketing. Not always that easy to go along with as they say and not always working the way they say. Here are some infos about the tool which is taking advantage of the power of Facebook. Since I use it, it has been working well for me when it comes to getting clients. For the most part, I’m using printed coupons as lead sources. In my case, that means Valpaks, Moneymailers, Clipper magazines, local newspaper ads – you name it. Anywhere a business is already offering discounts. I’ve found that in 99% of these cases, the business also advertises its Web site on the coupon. So I’ll create a demo campaign using their coupon offer and their Web site. Often I’ll use a branded gate, to make it even more personalized. Then I’ll send them the branded demo link via the contact form/email on their site. Not everyone will respond of course, but that‘s the business, many will respond with curiosity and questions. By then they’ve seen the gate+coupon in demo mode with their Web site and their offer; it’s a great attention-getter and the conversation starting point! You’ll find all that visiting my sites.

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