Chapter “Finding the right business“


My first chapter was about “Learning the Internet” – today I’ll put out Finding the Right Business

After all the learnings I have started with in my first chapter “Learn Online Marketing”, in order to pick up those main basics as a foundation for your future online marketing activities to make money online, now comes the hardest. Surfing the internet makes you a pain in the neck. Thousands of business offers are coming up, every day new ones, better ones…? Is there really a slice of a chance to find one we can trust? My answer here » almost not.

During over 15 years of online marketing I‘ve been trying out so many offers which at the end just made the owners rich. And after that they disappeared into the ‘net nirvana’ so to speak. Countless stories of friends who lost their money you can see left and right of your way. I‘ve been one of them.

Oh, I even tried out those dangerous HYIPs, fortunately I never ever spent more than 10 bucks. So I could keep my losses low and book them out as ‘experience cost’. As I said, after all my so many years of experience, there is no such thing as a get-rich-in-turbo-speed-program on the internet. Because of that I’m about to give you some essential hints, out of my personal experience, some of my basic golden rules so to speak. You can click on this image to learn from Vick Strizheus why this is happening and what causes are responsible for this mass failure. You’ll find an invitation for a free training webinar on which he’ll reveal 3 secrets >>

#1: How to find great products to promote
#2: How to setup a 6-figure marketing system
#3: How to get high quality targeted traffic fast
Golden Rules

golden rules

Golden Rules

You sure heard all the thousands of stories of simple-minded fellows (they even call themself Gurus) – lost all their money, have been living in poverty, have been hungry, lost everything, bankruptcy, dire straits… come on, what kinda bad fate – but then, after starting their new ingenious business they have been developed personally, they made millions in no time, they tell us, faster than a speeding bullet – wow!

But please, don’t get me wrong, stuff like this can happen, absolutely – the point here is, most of them are fictional and simply not true. But it’s really difficult to figure out if or not. On the other hand, people in general like this kinda stories. Many are that much impressed, they even cannot wait. And the worst case, they do not even check it out. They have their CC ready and join right away. But just joining without any knowledge about that business is the most dangerous thing one can do. The moral of the story… you gotta be careful and being alert – very much so.

Oh sure, I hear them sound big: ”Hey, sign up under me, pay some bucks, and then we’ll find someone to sign up under you, and so forth, and so forth.” You know the rest of the story.” This kind of miracle stuff is going on and on and on… (Until they get caught by the FTC – but unfortunately, your money is already gone.)

Why is that story telling pure strategy? Easy to explain. You, the interested reader should absolutely be fascinated and follow them almost blindly, without asking one more question, rather than critically investigating them. I personally for example, have never been broke and I’m still in the business, just not believing everything. I‘m not fascinated anymore by any of this fairy tales (only fascinated by my little Theresa-Louise btw) – and I keep it with this quote: “NEVER RELY ON OTHERS – BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF”.

Theresa Louise (5y.)

On the search for something valuable – Theresa-Louise (5y.)

Finding the Right Business

Just in case you are way too curiously and cannot wait you may click on the image and you’ll led to real super stuff which is exactly the way I like it. It’s an impressive video, headlined: [Advanced] Affiliate Marketing Secrets! with no strings attached. There is initially no necessity to buy afterwards because its an absolutely feee video (nevertheless you can take advantage of course later). And yes, those contents are of top valuable quality. And what are you going to learn from my friend and mentor, Vick Strizheus, is a live advanced online WORKSHOP >> where you’ll walk away with specific plan of action – a blueprint to follow for ‘getting into the money’ and building a real-deal business step-by-step.

he possibility to being impressed only happens after thorough check out and getting a real proof. I said a real proof, that means in my opinion, someone must indicate me his actual success, not just talking about. I need something like real-time-proof. Be honest, how often do you see such a proof? Most of them (if there are any) are pretty much outdated, some are even faked. Probably even many.

Friends, this is just a part of my personal story – you may take it as a “how-to-step-forward-scheme”- always a careful starting with ANY business. Take your time! But take it.

Couple of years ago I got in contact with a gentleman who really astonished me. Not only was his strategy remarkable in any way, he also explained and proved how he personally succeeded on the long term, on the short term, every week, every day. He was that kinda guy who is not daydreaming: he has been showing up instead. No hype, no kind of a hard selling funnel either. And before I decided to follow him I listened very attentively what he had to say and how he said it. Then I decided to give that thing a try and began with the first step where it was very little to pay yet – just spending my time. You probably guessed it, I say it all the time, and that is simply INFORMATION – but only the right and necessary information, very much so. Means: NO Information Overload.


Honestly, basically I’m not such a friend of totally free programs (there is absolutely no way to finally get something for nothing in this world) – but what I was looking for was a chance to check out and test before investing real money. A valuable income gift so to speak. That simply means getting valuable stuff in order to figure out what one can expect. And that should be (if not just free) low of cost.

And last but not least, don’t forget what I said. just joining and after that waiting for something wonderful will happen makes no sense either. That’s simply daydreaming!

In the first place I need to know the product itself. The product’s quality is essential in any way! As long as I do not know that – I never ever join. I simply cannot sell stuff I’m personally not 100% convinced of. Being in the position able to judging the product makes one’s next decision easier. Now the risk is pretty much reduced so to speak, but with a better chance to gain.

The gentleman I’ve mentioned is one of the best “explainers” and coach I ever met and his philosophy ‘making money by helping others making money’ (pay it forward) made him so successful. And he really not only loves people but loves to help people in the first place.

Just let me say it this way – sometimes you need something like an advisor, counsellor or mentor. Simply to follow the right path and to bring you back to normal if one is losing track.

One word: What I absolutely hate and reject is the so-called Opportunity Principle, whereby it is not even more about the product, but selling membership from one level to the next level and to the next level… and so forth, because this is nothing but a snowball system. Do not let yourself be seduced by this kinda business plans. In addition, they are prohibited by the FTC – and that can meet the respective provider daily.

Some BASICS you should know, especially if you are a beginner .!

The problem is always the same. Regular people like the most of us (or like you and me) are easy to become overwhelmed with all those super offers on the internet.

And then the storytelling – OMG – how easy all that is, like “1 – 2 – 3 – yesterday a plate scrubber and in just a couple of days after joining this or that program or business makes you a millionaire! Man, an entire gigantic book of fairy tales.

And what are you probably doing? The beginner intends to take the short cut and joins immediately, the not experienced beginner thinks he is saving time – unfortunately, reality comes into play now, and disillusionment.

Please, don’t let that happen. As I said, just joining without any knowledge is the worst thing you can do. Very often people don’t even have an idea what the product really is and fall for it. Not to mention the money they paid. Now, all of a sudden there is an “information overload” and so called “three click”-site builders, that are nearly impossible to understand and “free advertising” systems that waste huge amounts of time without producing results. Thousands of great tools which are not working finally in the field use. It’s easy to understand why people are frustrated. After that experience they think “I’d better not joined right away” – but it’s to late.

I beg you, don’t take my words lightly and do not fall for all this “bait and switch” opportunities – do not let that seduce you!

Just in case – I’ll give you a little warning that can save you some money and a lot of anger. As you have probably seen many of those low cost tools with gigantic effect. My simple advice, please be very very, very, very careful about it.

Most of those little “super special” wonder tools -for WordPress sites for instance- (to purchase via platforms like Warrior Forum, FSO, or JVZOO…) are always going to cost money, even in case it’s only some 10 bucks. But caution: you must always expect those 2 – 3 catches after your first initial purchase… in combination with that tricky behind-cunningly “buy-now-because-price-will-increase-the-longer-you-wait” hint. Of course they offer a 100% refund, but have you ever tried to really get that refund?

First off: because it’s only $10 – most of us very likely don’t do it or forget it or it may be simply too late.

Secondly: Once I tried to get a refund, but 5 times out of 10 they simply didn’t pay. No respond, and most of them simply ignored it. Others had different reasons ready why they do not pay back… and the moral of this story is: you better don’t do it. My personal experience on this subject >> 95 out of 100 tools or plugins make no sense, they are simply useless! And in the worst case they overload your WordPress site. What ever they may tell you. You better stay away from it and take advantage of my personal disappointingly experience.

(BTW – it just happened to me again, nevertheless I’m kinda experienced after so many years on the internet. During February I purchased a very interesting summit taking place in August, with great speakers I wanted to take advantage of absolutely and paid $500 in advance… Guess what happened…  They simply cancelled that event and never got my money back. Have been told instead: Sorry but your payment is not refundable!! Those guys are cheats and for sure candidates for the FTC.)

Friends, I’m here to tell you what you really need and what you are supposed to do. It is easier than you might think, and afterwards you realize, man, there where no secrets to reveal. I should have known.

Additionally there is a phenomenon that pushes us “literally” into something we actually don’t want, it’s called HYPE. Yes, it’s hard to resist this kinda golden offers,  it’s almost inevitable. And in case you have made that devastating step you probably look back and realize: I got involved into something, which I should not have done.

It is very understandable, most people I speak with are fed up with the hype. They simply want a solution that will help them break through and start making them some money online at least. And they don’t want to make a fortune, just something real, finally.

So please let me repeat: If you want to learn the how to of your “internet marketing business” to make money online » the easiest and most efficient way is always to observe and learn from someone who is already successfully doing it (out of experience so to speak) – NOT just selling his so called “super pattern/scheme” and getting rich by this. That is what most of them do. Don’t believe their promises and spend money and time for just disappointments at the end.

I always like to talk “Motivation” because this drives me forward the most. In my understanding without being motivated nothing works. I already published some articles about that matter. In case you are interested you may go here and spend some time to figure out why that is the best foundation for anything in your life.

I’m pretty sure, you know exactly I’m right. And I’m sure as well, you already experienced good and bad days. It is simple » MOTIVATION makes the difference! Just spend some minutes and listen what my mentor has to say:



Now please watch out:

Talking my business #1

The theme of this site is „Finding the Right Business“ – which is pretty hard to figure out. Now, what if I would show you my business #1 right here? You may strategically see it as the latest online marketing funnel system on the market you can study and experience.

Yes, it’s all about Mr. Vick Strizheus I already introduced along the way. This guy just revolutionized online marketing space in the coolest way possible. He calls his concept ‘multi-channel resistance-free’ marketing and it’s quickly becoming an internet sensation.

My friend, this is for sure the coolest marketing idea I’ve ever seen and it allows even a total newbie to get sales and generate commissions online literally in days. Supposingly you think that sounds hype and I can understand your impression. Nevertheless, lemme explain…

I know Vick since many years, he is like a mentor for me. Most impressive, during some 15 years he got better and better and after all he now is one of the best, if not the best traffic generating expert in this industry. For me, this guy is on a mission – one can realize this, literally.

You’re probably looking for a confirmation of what users have experienced so far – and yes, here’s a short talk Vick had with Sidz. The title was “Sidz ‘Story, Building $ 100,000 Income as a Four-Percent Entrepreneur” and the topic was “Want to Build a 6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Business?” This man is a living example of a member who only fully followed Vick’s suggestions and thus became very successful. It is really a nice and very motivating conversation. 

You should take a look at it right now!

A ‘Done-For-You’ Business Funnel

Vick developed one of a kind closed loop business funnel. An entire automated working system, strategically designed the way marketing is working nowadays – it’s all done for you and ready for immediate action » and with his main target in mind : RESULTS. Most importantly in my opinion.

And not only that! His motto also is „keep things very simple“ so that everyone can follow easily, even great for absolute beginners … fool-proof so to speak. And btw – Vick is that kinda guy being able to explain difficult stuff the easy way.

The Four Percent System

This is an ingenious system with many co-ordinated functions. Page building, funnel building, responder integration and what not. A whole bunch of basic things that have been done for you. No more complicated programming, no HTML and nothing like that anymore… you can simply start making money the same day. As I said: focussing on results.

Very honestly, this is something a marketer (and especially newbies) can only dream of. It literally makes difficult things understandable for everyone and his step by step tutorials are almost self explanatorily. Every action on ones way in order to complete your personal funnel is companied by little video snippets – means: you simply cannot fail.

If I was you I would give that thing a try immediately – just to being in the know about it. In order to have a good basis to really judge it. And needless to say: If you’re trying to sell anything online right now and not getting the results you would like to see, this can really help you.

All this is called the four percent system and it allows you to sell other companies products generating insane conversions and revenue. You can see a full demo and actually use it for yourself right now if you want to.

To check out this system you don’t need to pay anything upfront – this is important, very much so, when it comes to a risk-free information before any decision. It simply prevents buying a pig in a poke. Here is my honest advice, no risk, no money to pay for full information.

My question now is:
Have you ever wanted to start a solid, “real-deal”
successful online business but didn’t know how?

Perhaps you’ve TRIED any of the following:
– Affiliate marketing
– Consulting
– Biz Opps
– Info marketing
– Product creation
– Masterminds
– E-Commerce
… only to struggle and never getting the results you want?

If you said ‘YES!’ to any of the above AND you’re looking for the simplest yet most lucrative way of “getting into the money” – then I invite you to attend this advanced Live training I already have been talking about pretty often.

In this class, he’s training specifically, on how he earned over $4.2M selling other people’s products as an affiliate, and how you can model his blueprint to start and grow your own highly successful affiliate marketing business – step by step.

And yes, this is an incredible opportunity for you to learn from Vick it’s no fluff, not some bait-n-switch, or some pitch-type webinar. It is a live advanced online WORKSHOP where you’ll walk away with specific plan of action – a blueprint to follow for ‘getting into the money’ and building a real-deal business step-by-step.

»» You better don’t let out on this and go for it right here.

The Great Webinar.


Follow this path – and at the end of the day you are running a great business without having taken too much risk. Take action, go the first step and follow my experience. Now – “Take it easy – But take it”.



At the very end, a brand-new announcement from the “Generating Traffic” area: Because you know that generating traffic is not only very difficult, but also the most important thing to penetrate the market, this topic is of greatest importance.

No matter what kind of business you are promoting, no matter if it’s expensive or bloody cheap, if people need it desperately or whatever – there is no business if you don’t have a list or no idea how to generate addresses of interested parties.

Consequently it is not surprising that everyone wants to learn how to generate traffic. And yes – I can give you what you really need and what you have been searching for all the time.

It’s The Best Working TRAFFIC GENERATION Methods and you may go for a first impression what „Internet Traffic Academy“ (ITA) is all about.

It’s really of greatest importance! Step in here right away >>>


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