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Recently I had a small talk with a nice guy. After a while he asked me what kinda business I’m in and if I’m familiar with Internet Marketing. Yes, I said and he started telling me a lot about online marketing, he practically gave the expert. Long story short, he knowledge was not more than a little bit, he used general cliches and empty phrases – and he said he even don’t think it’s a real business, it’s just scrap. Finally he asked me if I could help him being successful. Honestly, that was an unexpected turn and I answered with 2 questions: Have you ever been looking or searching for something on the internet? Have you ever formed an idea what would fit your expectations? His answer was: “Of course no! I said, I don’t believe in internet marketing.” Can you imagine how often that is happening to me? Friends, this is just one tiny little example what kinda thinking is taking place in peoples mind. And the moral of this story? You better take action in case you really want to run an internet marketing business. Step into my site.

Whatever we are doing or are about to start, we need to have a strategy. The better your strategy the better are your chances to survive. It’s absolutely the same when is comes to Internet Marketing. Why in the world does everybody think there is no need to develop strategies for a business on the internet? Maybe because everybody tells you that. Those who want to make a fast business (bait and switch) and on the other side those who want to brag how smart they are. But actually you know it better. Either way, without a good strategy every business will not work sufficiently. And believe me, it’s real bad feeling to fail and to know it’s only because you did not take care for a working strategy.

There is a keyword, named “Conversions”. Yes, you surely know it. The problem simply is, it’s really a very strange task to talk about it. It’s for sure a multilevel phenomenon. And, honestly, I did not run in one man who could really explain it in the whole. Until I met my friend Vick for me it always was a closed book. Vick is an expert when it comes to driving traffic and closing businesses. The same holds true when it comes to Internet Marketing. And after he started another great thing last year I got such a lot of educational stuff… friends I’m 200% convinced his big idea mastermind is the best I ever got. He literally takes you by the hand and the only thing you have to do is to follow him. Go for it.

…for a successful business. That is the truth. Who thinks that is not the case? In my opinion that doesn’t even enter the equation. But to make this clear, I’m not that kinda guy who says one should not start an Internet Marketing Business until he understands everything. If that would be the case, you never ever could start anything. What I think is we have to know those basics, the basics are like a foundation for the future. Do not make the mistake and start something without knowing anything. You for sure run into a terrible problem, a two-fold problem so to speak. You are losing a lot of time (probably money as well) and you lose self-assurance, which is probably the worse. And in order to give you my very best advice > you absolutely should follow right away: bit.ly/3oEESz1 – it’s a MUST so to speak – AND basic membership is for FREE !!

The better, if not the best way is to take advantage of marketing tips which are coming from colleagues who ARE successful and can talk from a position others can’t. As I always say, related to those who ARE actually successful, who ARE running that business they talk about (not only smart university professors, which is not bad at all) it’s kind of another very special feeling one  gets. Their stuff is proven, their seminars are the blue-print of an actually happening success. Guys, this is it. In this regard I always remember when I attended Vick’s webinars first time. For me, it was downright inevitable to get this goose bumps. I said to me, Peter, he is the one I can trust. From that point on I was ready to release my inner bad ass! Step in and read and listen about Internet Marketing tips first source, so to speak.

…leveraging the power of facebook. Needless to explain Facebook or how useful Facebook is. I had the same problem, literally. Okay, I found something that is a great help and it costs peanuts, just  some 3 bucks. In my opinion, this important for everyone who is doing Internet Marketing. So, I thought I cannot hold back such a bargain and it’s a must to tell you. And because it is no real business for me I can do it anyway and you’ll be glad. It’s the first time I put a link in here. :: My very good friend Joel Therien released a Facebook Marketing Course and well, he must have gone – insane. Here is why. That book was originally going to sell it at $197.00.. but then he decided to sell it at $2.95 cents! Ah.. I said to him, what’s the catch, what is the upsell? He said to me “there is no catch, no upsell, no forced continuity.. there is NO CATCH at all!” And finally “Most brand new marketers turn to facebook for leads.. and well.. most brand new marketers have very little money to spend…” Okay, as I said, this is simply a bargain, go and get that book (http://sociallever.com/?id=enibas) and master your marketing with this first class FB marketing help. But don’t forget, it’s the first time I put a link into my blog. I’m not going to repeat that, but this time I simply could not resist.

There are many marketing tools out there for Local Internet Marketing. Not always that easy to go along with as they say and not always working the way they say. Here are some infos about the Lykd.it tool which is taking advantage of the power of Facebook. Since I use it, it has been working well for me when it comes to getting Lykd.it clients. For the most part, I’m using printed coupons as lead sources. In my case, that means Valpaks, Moneymailers, Clipper magazines, local newspaper ads – you name it. Anywhere a business is already offering discounts. I’ve found that in 99% of these cases, the business also advertises its Web site on the coupon. So I’ll create a demo campaign using their coupon offer and their Web site. Often I’ll use a branded gate, to make it even more personalized. Then I’ll send them the branded demo link via the contact form/email on their site. Not everyone will respond of course, but that‘s the business, many will respond with curiosity and questions. By then they’ve seen the gate+coupon in demo mode with their Web site and their offer; it’s a great attention-getter and the conversation starting point! You’ll find all that visiting my sites.

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