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Never Train More Than 7 Minutes A Day 3 Times Per Week.

The Best Way to Get in Shape
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If you are looking how to ‘get in shape’ you may find yourself confused on which you can really trust – since there are countless options on the market and everyone sounds great – but you know most of them are not working.
get in shape

Now – this is what I can do for you. I can tell you about a very special system which is absolutely different to all you have ever seen or heard of. It is simply a general program which takes care for all aspects to get in shape – ‘training & nutrition’ combined. You’ll learn how to lose weight and keep it off, how to manage diabetes or high cholesterol and how to tighten, tone, or melt away fat on ‘problem’ areas and keep it off.

If you really want to achieve the best shape in your life and want to eliminate Heart Attack, Stroke, Obesity, Type2 diabetes and what not – you are supposed to follow this article until the very end where you get priceless information. Simply ‘the solution to all your problems’ – so, go for it – you will be left impressed and astonished how fascinating it is to get in shape. And don’t forget, this site is not a sales page. This site is a full information page with a lot of back ground stuff – for those who are ready for more!


The Main Epidemic Today

What do you think is the main epidemic today and still getting more and more worse? You guessed it, it’s the steady fighting predominance of overweight (obesity), losing more and more fitness – in one word feeling real bad in any way. Reasons are pretty easy to figure out, we all know.. not enough motion, wrong food, and no prescription to what is really going to help. That makes us a bit courageless and you feel to be left to one’s own devices

What’s wrong with all the countless so called ‘fitness experts‘ – ‘fitness secrets‘ – ‘fitness programs‘ and what not. We are surrounded by myriads of ‘weight loss reviews‘ easy and fast. Yes – it’s all about fitness and weight.. but no, it’s NOT easy and fast. And there is still the same probing question coming up: “how to get in shape”, “help me get in shape” and “the best way to get in shape” – and what not, come on…

Unfortunately there has been growing a gigantic industry in this niche, offering us thousands of fitness programs and tons of diet food. Bad news is we all know the problem is still not solved… as we simply can realize day after day just looking around us. But why is that the case?


Get in Shape

Sophia-Marie is lifting dumplings for fitness and clicking on the image you can listen to a very short 50secs video how Melissa talks weight loss the easy way.



It’s simply because all this stuff is sooo time consuming in the first place, that makes us boring, even extremely boring (myself included) and the worse thing: it’s simply not working …after all the strenuous efforts.

I always wanted to find (probably everyone) a way with a not to long workout & some basic infos about nutrition and really ‘working’ ones. Unfortunately, steady I’ve been told, this is not possible! Just wishful thinking. They always said: We need at least long sessions of training, we are supposed to work hard.. otherwise we’ll never succeed.

But who in the world likes exercising this long? I do not believe it may be just you because 99% of people hate exercise, and so do I.


Committed to Winning the War on Obesity
(The point of no return)

Full of excited anticipation I startet reading what I found by accident. This is something that knocks you out of your socks. It is hard to believe, and it takes a while to forget the old adopted myths about fitness. However, it is a point that needs to be underlined in your mind. As soon as you have followed my short explanations your mind will automatically change it’s adjustment.

And as soon as you understand the strategy they have developed and how easy it is – you have arrived the point of no return – literally, believe me.


With this program, as fitness improves through consistent training, they change intensity, NOT duration. In other words, as their exercise program becomes a part of your life (like brushing your teeth) your fitness will improve and your training program will change – BUT NOT get longer.

What they use is chemical reactions in the body to ensure that the workouts they put you through do not create the negative emotions associated with over training. The lifestyle choices they guide you through are designed to help us add our fitness routines into our life schedule.

But that’s not all – the same concept applies for nutrition. There is ‘no either or’ (workout and nutrition are twins so to speak) If one make a few adjustments, it will have a snowball effect and make other choices easier because your body will not be demanding the foods you should not eat.

What they have figured out is amazing, simply essentially. Our emotions, our decisions and our feelings are results of chemical reactions in the body, and can be manipulated and controlled to help us to meet our goals.

Up until now, these reactions have been making our life difficult for all these years. That’s because we are dealing with natural reactions to programs that make our body react as if it is being injured. We are locked into a cycle of trying to use our will power to over rule our natural instincts. We all have been steady told that we have no other choice!

What a bunch of bull

My friend Joel and his partner Chris (former body building champions) have worked to take their combined knowledge and create the 7minuteworkout life program. Perhaps their biggest challenge yet will be to educate the world about how everyone can adopt fitness into their lives. Success has been their pattern but the difference this time is that their success is measured by our success! I’m personally pretty sure we all will not only understand their method, we will love it even more. Because it’s so ingeniously we should follow what they say:

“Learn from our years of trial and error, from hours and hours of over training and diminished returns. Not to mention injuries due to over training. Once we discovered that training only 7 to 10 minutes a day three times per week was the ideal work load, only then were we able to enjoy exercise to its fullest and reap the rewards of becoming world class athletes!”

Yes, it reads “training only 7 to 10 minutes a day three times per week” and sure, this sounds almost hype. (Just in case you cannot wait so long and want to step forward right now, (here is the short cut to check in)

This “7 minute strategy” is based on true exerience applied by 2 champions during their career until today, it is totally different in comparison to what we have been told all the time. Can we really believe this will work? Joel says:


This is our unique and PROVEN approach, and why
until now’ the fitness industry has failed miserably…

What sounds crazy to us is NOT that you only need to train 7 minutes a day 3 times per week… but what sounds crazy to us is that the fitness industry is constantly telling people to try to ‘toughen up‘ and just do it, despite the fact that obesity is now an epidemic.

They want to tell you that it is YOU who have failed, not them. Preaching the same wrong message again and again, while the failure of that message is actually destroying the health of our entire population.. the fitness industry got it all wrong. Now that is crazy!

Additionaly here is another fact: Every single one of us on this planet has lost a friend, parent, aunt or uncle or grandparent prematurely due to preventable disease. Over 500,000 children this year alone will lose a parent due to inactivity!

Joel says:

“We are on a mission, a mission to eliminate preventable disease from this planet. It’s all about to help and educate people so that they can regain their health and achieve their fitness goals 7 minutes at a time..”


Okay, after this said :: What do we need to know in order to achieve ANY fitness goal we desire in order to get in shape?

… how to lose weight and keep it off
… how to manage diabetes or high cholesterol
… how to increase energy and feel great
… how to tighten, tone, or melt away fat on ‘problem’ areas
… even how to get that exclusive 6 pack….
… AND of course NO so called wonder pills!
Believe me, as a serious prospect you have to be in the know before any other action – and I will give you the possibility here. Don’t go away, I present you a lot of free information, core content so to speak. NO empty twaddle. No Bait and Switch. Quite the reverse. Exactly what Google wants for their searchers – content, content, good content. Yes, come and relax and spend some time with me. Here is the first information rich recorded webinar in order to learn what I just pointed out above. I know your time is valuable, but this is the cheapest (no cost) investment you can make for your body.
Get in Shape


But before you do so just listen to this 1.5 min info video with some main basics you need to know as a foundation »» go here: BEST Body SHAPE » by training Only 7 MINUTES .!
Once you have been starting listening you cannot stop it until the very end. It’s great content for just a bit of time in order to learn this magical and exceptionally way of shaping up.Joel’s 7minute system on training radically changed my views on exercise. No more hours and hours in the gym… too much training is even counter productive, muscles need recovery of min 2 days, otherwise the body releases alot of feel bad hormones and one ends up quitting the entire exercise program, that’s a worse case scenario you have heard about all th time, am I right? Having recovering time long enough the body releases those feel good hormones like testosterone and L dopamines.
Conclusion: Do the least amount of exercise necessary to get an adaptive response to get your body to rebuild itself and improve. Means: It’s the best way to work out very high intensity but very short duration (just like our body was designed in our nomadic days) But listen up: Don’t hit that part of your body the upcoming 10 days again. Muscles need 5 days to get back to where they started (they are no longer sore) before they can continue to adapt and grow for 5 to 10 days. Listen one more time: If you do not follow this rules you are going to feel bad and start to hate and dislike training until you quit it in the whole.You probably know that 98% fail – and why is that the case? They hate exercise. That is why most people do not stick to their programs – they are constantly overtraining (technical jargon: they are constantly in a catabolic state).Why didn’t we know that? Because the entire fitness industry failed us. It is why people all over the world are made to feel as if there is something wrong with them when their natural defenses make them quit the abuse their bodies endure at the hands of these misguided fitness “experts”. Notice that some of these are in the health industry.. there is fierce competition in this industry because it is so lucrative. NOW you are in the know.

You may visit this great site for a first impression to learn what Joel has to say – pure valuable & very important information

I personally followed Joel’s smart advice: Liberate yourself and take control over your fitness  »consequently»  you need the tools to take control of your fitness goals! You really can get into the best shape of your life only by following the 7 minute system philosophy.

Get in Shape

Yes ‘Muscle is Magic’ let’s share a little of what
you need to know to reach your goals:

Protein is Power… Protein (it’s very hard for the body to produce protein on it’s own) is the building block of all muscle and does not effect insulin levels. But it effects glycemic index in a positive way. You will come to understand the importance of protein when it comes to obesity and diabetes. An epidemic in both adults and children today.

Fiber is our friend… Okay, what is easier to do, eat less or eat more and have to burn these calories off? Eating less can be really, really easy! Question is how to kill your cravings and appetite for goood. No one was overweight in our nomadic days back then, ever. It’s just today’s processed food. And what about diabetes? 7minute workout fights blood sugar epidemic as well. You are supposed to manage diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol with supplemental fiber! Yes – you are at the right place here, you could not find a better one, myself included. Now we can forget all the great pills and what have you. I could almost not believe, but it’s flat out true. We can completely reverse our type to diabetes.


Finally, let’s talk the COST which is always an issue.
(Especially in times like this)

In my opinion it is very understandable that such a service cannot be given away for some single bucks or even for free (btw free stuff is mostly worthless or they sure want to be paid later..) Why not talking about that stuff right here? It’s always a question of “what do I get for my money?” and “do I really need this stuff?” – which is probably the question number one! But I strongly suppose you have already answered the second question otherwise you wouldn’t be still here with me*.

I’m absolutely convinced such a program cannot be offered for free. On the other hand it should not be tooo pricy so that it is affordable for everyone in the long run. Taking all this into consideration the company decided to make an absolutely incredible price, which made my personal decission a piece of cake. They reduced the regular downpayment from $149,97 to $1 and after 10 days you can continue your membership for only $9,97/month (was $49,97). This is simply sensational > go here.

(*on the other hand – finally everybody should take advantage of this wonderful way wether to ‘get in shape’ or to ‘stay in shape’, to fight overweight or obesity, to look better, to feel better – simply to be in the best fitness all day long – for only 7 minutes a day 3 times a week)

The good news is their opportunity feature we can take advantage of – if we want to. We can kill two birds with one stone while referring this superior product to others as well, if it’s their matter of concern. Possibly they’ll be happy you told them about while realizing your progress. In this case you can do it with your full conviction that this is not just a chance to make some money but an uniquely great working help instead, and most of us even never have heard of. We really must not feel embarrased offering 7minute workout because those who have a badly need for will thank you for this very product. Under this circumstances It is rather urgent that you make it. No where can you be in business for less than $10 a month! I personally took advantage of and absolutely everyone of my friends and relatives was impressed and gratefully I told them.

And btw, this system (where else can people get in the best shape of their lives training only 7 minutes 3 times per week!) will revolutionize the fitness world and take it by storm. It will be setting world records, eliminating sedentary diseases 7 minutes at a time. As an opportunity this business has the 3 keys to massive success as there are “a great product”, “a fantastic opportunity” and “the ability to create a legacy”. Imagine a business with so many tools and appeal and a start price of LESS THAN $10!

And here comes good news #2 in this context. They have added a so called “Invite a friend or loved ones feature”. That means: with your membership you get the possibility to give them a free account at 7 minute workout – and even better: you may give the “Gift of Health and Wellness” to up to 6 of your friends. What a super deal that is.

Finally, there is one very important thing I want to point out yet. Not only is there a so called „Fit Profile“ where -if created- you will be able to create your personally catered exercise and diet program – your „Food Tracker“ with recipes high in fiber, low in fat and sodium are based on whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruit. They are easy to make using common ingredients and best of all they are well-tested and taste great. Their „Recipe and Menu Builder“ is a one of a kind feature I‘ve never seen anywhere to the day – and it is well explained how to use by a nice video from Melissa Cohoe.

Yep – don‘t worry you are never left alone.

They got a wonderful and very personal FORUM where members helping members and reporting their experiences, strategies and expectations, hints and tips – simply all that sort of stuff. And just in case there are additionally questions a Support feature with knowledgebase is ready to answer whatever you may ask them.

So begin checking it out for yourself (I said: checking it out – still not paying anything) » right here « and go for a real great webinar. I cannot stress enough how happy I am I found it. This thing goes wild – for me it’s a no brainer in any way. Future will show you.


Last but not least – The Chicoine Family

This is something very special “7 Minute Workout” is having a co-op with. It brought me to tears when I saw this heart felt video first time. Almost not to believe – this family is really something :: A family of 8 is running a marathon a day to help eliminate all sedentary diseases and create a WELLNESS REVOLUTION.

You really need to see this video and sign their no strings attached petition to join their cause. Marathon of Health is fighting -heart attack -stroke -diabetes and -obesity. Unfortunately that wonderful video is not available anymore, nevertheless it would have been so heart-warming to watch and listen how this family fights diseases caused by heavy overweight.

And in case you want to check out what the ‘7 Minute Workout Mission’ is all about go here for a recorded Viral Bombshell” webinar.


Finally, after all this many infos a piece of advice: It’s time to discover how YOU can get in the best shape of your life training only 7 minutes a day 3 times per weekgo for the seminar get your free e-book “Fitness Lies Exposed”.

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