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The Advert Platform


The Principle of “The Advert Platform“ – System.

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Basically – everybody, every company who want’s to sell something are always on the search for a possibility where they can offer their products.

You probably know – “Online Marketing“ exists for some 20 years with constantly rising proportions and meanwhile there are infinitely many providers on the market offering their services, begun of the Search Engines themselves up to the social networks as there are Twitter, Facebook etc. In order to take advantage of all of them that can sum up substantially.

Due to all these facts a new market developed and since some 10 years specialised companies offer so called advertising platforms. As a background information for you, the meaning of the Internet concerning advertising shows up in its constantly increasing propagation. Companies are spending some 1.5 billion Dollars for “Online Advertising“ per day – that’s more than the total volume of all printed media together. And that market is steady expanding.

On that kinda Advertising Platform for those developers was to get enough visitors for their platforms in order to get high click rates. And to achieve that they invented the possibility “to click and get paid” at the same time. Basically not a bad idea, just one had to click the entire day just for some lousy bucks, no good deal.

At this time some 3 years ago – Mike Deese, a US Army Disabled Veteran, came into the play. His revolutionary idea was pretty simple. He said, if people would be paid way better for their daily clicking work they would be real motivated to click more and more, they even would tell it others to do so as well and the whole market could develop what the experts call a „Momentum“. He baptized his baby „TheAdvertPlatform” (Acronym TAP) and created thereby a new and genuine way of online advertising which was changing the whole thing for the better. That is innovative and revolutionary. Ten thousands of prospective customers and affiliates as well are not only realising those adverts BUT sharing and promoting everything daily into Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. By this repetitive sharing ads are being spread hugely like wildfire and will be seen by millions.


Here you can see the TAP Twitter Platform.

TAP Twitter-Panel


Before I’m going to proceed further I’ll give you some current facts concerning “TheAdvertPlatform” –

Meanwhile TAP has over 150 millions of page views per month and visitors stay over 20 mins on average. Additionally they not only click on adverts but even penetrate those adverts (following platform rules) into the most important social media as there are Twitter, FaceBook and the Internet. And, what’s so important, all this is not done by robots but by living humans.

“The Advert Platform“

Now I’m going to describe the Principles of TAP’s Cash Generation – consciously in the detail in order to prevent further questions.

“The Advert Platform“

Thus, Mike Deese’ idea was to generate a platform where one cannot only run advertising but make money by clicking on adverts as well. Means, to a certain extent: “back-earning just spent money for own advertising“. How do you like this?

In case you want to run advertising using “TheAdvertPlatform” (TAP) – you can do it by purchasing so called “Credit Packs” (Acronym CP). Such a Credit Pack costs €25 – and one may buy as many as necessary.

Now listen up – on the contrary to all the other companies on the market, Mike Deese does not keep the earned money for himself – BUT distributes it right away to all members who are running active Credit Packs. Yes, he is spending unbelievable 95% of the entire gain, and that happens every 20 minutes. Equals 72 payouts per day. Nobody does it this way, begun of Google, FaceBook and so on. Quite the reverse, they keep all the profit in their pockets. Admittedly, that is only too natural. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what it isn’t for Mike Deese. He pays out the largest part of the gains (95%) – and in this way also we users get a piece of the whole one.

Of course it is very understandable the more active CPs one has in the application, the more one earns. For instance, per Credit Pack (worth €25) you can make some 30 cents up to 1 Euro a day. And all you have to do is making 9 clicks, simplified expressed, because that changes quite a bit on your way to the top. Interesting for everybody is the possibility how to earn more which is simply dependent on the figure of active CPs. And btw, the maximum is at 1500.


Here you can see the TAP Text Platform.

Die TAP Werbeplattform


The calculation is simple:

I thought self-reliance is the name of the game and checked that out personally with one single purchased Credit Pack. And over the time of some weeks I learned payments are done precisely, nevertheless I was dealing with peanuts. But most importantly the good thing was that slowly growing confidence and I decided to increase the risk by purchasing 10 more Credit Packs. Instead of some 30 cents up to 1 Euro a day all of a sudden I earned the 10-fold.

However importantly basic is to be known:

One single Credit Pack (1 CP) is valid as long as it has generated an income of €27,50 – after that the period has run out and it has to be renewed, which is possible without spending new money, of course. Got it?

The cycle, until this is achieved times out after approx. 55 days. After one cycle I earned €27,50 for one CP which I purchased for only €25. Means » not only can I buy replacement (make a re-buy so to speak) of that single CP but have made a plus of €2,50 additionally. Notice, this is an example for 1 single credit pack.

Now back to my example:

Assuming that I would have started with 10 CPs instead of 1 my return could have been 10-fold. Means, not only am I able to re-invest those running out Credit Packs (no new money necessary to spend) and also I could realise a profit of €25 »» this baby has developed to a cash cow – literally.

Very logically, after each new purchase ones daily profit grows and let’s assume you’ve achieved 100 active CPs »» you can pocket a nice profit of €250 after that 55 days cycle. Now you can take it or you can buy another 10 CPs. How nice is that? And btw, you do not need any fresh money. And of course, buying and earning from now on develops faster and faster.


But please watch out – this is important: No matter how many ACTIVE Credit Packs you have (10 or 100 or even 500….) – there is no need to complete more than those necessary usual clicks (minimum 9 per day). But you have to repeat it daily, every 24 hours. In the process of increasing numbers of active CPs not more than only 9 clicks will be necessary, but this are details you’ll learn on your journey to the top.

Talking the best figure of active CPs: Of course you can buy as many as you want, no problem. Just, that’s not the actual idea here. Mike Deese had in mind to give everyone a chance to participate, in order to make it to the top without having a lot of money. By constant effort and stability and patience. And that’s really possible. There is a cap of the maximum number of credit packs which is 1500. You can stop at ever number you want, no need to go for the very top 1500. And fyi I’ll show you how much you can earn with 1500 active CPs after a cycle of some 55 days. That would be an income of round about €41,250 – and that would mean a gain of €3,750 – how does that sound? You only have to keep your eyes open in order to avoid a dropping of the quantity of active CPs. Keep them constant on the number you’ve decided for.

Make Money With TheAdvertPlatform

Taken from Simon Stepsys – one of the most successful TAP entrepreneurs on a 4min very sensitive and motivational video. Go fullscreen & enjoy!


I strongly suppose you got it. And btw, never forget you’ve purchased a whole lot of advertising. And due to that this is available now for all your other businesses. Take advantage of.

And of course, this also answers the often asked question, is “TheAdvertPlatform” an MLM system? The truth, it is not! TAP accepts only direct referrals and there is only this very level, nothing more. And the same answer is valid for the question, is TAP an Investment principle? Why? Members simply buy advertising…. and only by daily click actions members earn money in little steps so to speak.

As I wrote above, after about 2 month one can gain a profit of €3,750 (which is rough calculated and with 1500 active CPs in the application) – and I leave it to you to figure out how many percent that may be after only 2 month. Please read the following paragraph 3 times and very slowly »» then calculate further: How much is it after a full year?

With „TheAdvertPlatform” you can kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you purchase advertising for all your businesses. Secondly, at the same time you will earn money. Means, little expenditure of time, even in case number of click activity will grow towards the top. Nevertheless, it will not take more than 15 to 30 minutes daily.

This just mentioned click activities I’ll explain in short. Basically, after a couple of days it’ll be a piece of cake for you. And as I said, just per cycle (those every 24 hours) you have to do it. Not more often. That’s the mode I call the “earn-mode“ – means adjust accordingly otherwise the “earn-mode“ comes to a stay, and that will be the case as long as you are not starting click activities again. See basic minimum actions here:

3 x Share a FaceBook Post –
3 x Retweet a Tweet on Twitter –
3 x Checking Text Ads –


Here you can see the TAP FaceBook Platform.

TAP FB-Panel


Please Consider:

Now, as you are purchasing advertising (nothing else) you really kill two birds with one stone. It’s a wonderful possibility for all your OTHER businesses. I know what it’s like. Due to of enthusiasm one can easily ignore the advertising point.

And btw, very important and not to forget:
TheAdvertPlatform” offers something what is almost not to find on the market at present.


Here are those diverse membership levels:

At the start everything is free, that’s the so called “Copper Level“ and this level is valid as long as you’ve achieved 22 active Credit Packs. Here noteworthy is: although we are in a free of charge Copper Level, you are allowed to run up to 10 advertising campaigns. Nice.

From the point on you are above those 22 CPs monthly fees come into the play. Bronze – Silver – Gold »» and from the point on you have achieved 750 CPs, you practically enter the master class. This was baptized platinum.


Here are the following 3 Membership-Levels.

membership levels #2,3,4


Before I forget, there is another super way to pick up more speed in order to go for the very top. It’s simply promoting this platform to get so called affiliates. Doing this you’ll get 10% commission on every CP your referrals are purchasing. And it’s an easy task to calculate what kinda figure can result from it.

BUT – as I said above, there is no need for you to do it, absolutely not! It is just a small note for you on something which can strengthen itself.

Even in case you may contemplate not to proceed, for some reason (what I do not believe) you still have the possibility to run advertising for your other businesses, because you have purchased real advertising. And that equals “275 text ads – 5 Insertion Boosters from 10 to 20 or even 30 secs – and not to forget your gain“.

Finally, I can assure you then you became acquainted to the TAP-principle by DOING – without the smallest risk, because you just purchased advertising nothing else. How awesome is this? Have you ever heard about something like this?

All I can say is, go for it. Check it out thoroughly and you’ll be excited. I guarantee it. Have fun with the “TheAdvertPlatform” following their three-fold formula »» check in daily – do your click-activities – make money every 20 minutes.

Peter Wurzer (Online Marketer)


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