Chapter “The Art of Blogging”


Did you know
Daily Blogging can Deliver Big Success?


Even I could not suspect “Social Marketing” will come up so big and so fast. It is almost breath-taking. And rest assured there are serious marketers out there who succeeded doing just this: Daily Blogging – they are living witnesses, literally!

Now, let me please draw your attention to the fact that during last years social marketing is more and more gaining ground. And exactly here Daily Blogging comes into the play. This is to be taken seriously. I personally was supposed to went through this process of realization the subject as well, finally.

In order to get the whole picture what daily blogging is all about and how to manage it, and what it takes to being successful, and what this baby is going to cost you, I’m displaying the main features right here.


Daily Blogging

Daily Blogging can Deliver Big Success – See my overview blogging site.


In general you have 2 main points to consider:

#1 – How to write a good and effective blog.
#2 – How to penetrate or spread that blog the widest.


#1  How to write a good and effective blog.

Before I’m stepping in, please let me give you my general statement: Times are over one can write inconsequential things, copied stuff or just blah blah. Search engine spiders today are (more than ever) able to figure out such a lot more in contrast to the past, almost not to believe. Adjust this accordingly, I cannot stress this enough – you better draw your intention to the fact blogging nowadays is a question of quality – it must be valuable, period.


The first question that comes up is always the same: What to write about?


Thus, we have to attract the visitor – i.e. we can start writing about us and slowly we focus those persons or groups we want to speak to. An article must be written with confidence and “original”, no duplicated content. A friend of mine says, it’s the speaking, when you are writing a blog post, write to an Avatar.

Blogs must not be targeted to your business all the time. Quite the reverse. That would even be pretty much uneffectively. An experienced blogger is gripping the audience, literally. We can write about all possible things around daily life. What is happening at the moment, what’s trending. Simply: what you know. Passion, videos, kids, football, movies, food, weight loss, all this kinda stuff. Don’t forget, people like news.

to consider #1 » take into consideration, images are important. I always use to place an image after my introduction. And the more largely the better. Reason is, people like to hover over images and click – and that is good for conversion.

Hint for finding “What is Trending?” – Go to Google, type in “trends”, and i.e. » weight loss. Or “trending now” this are new stories. Question is, what are people searching now, What is hot? This are keywords as well.

The credo is we write articles around a keyword (this technique is called “on page seo” » because search engines must find me). In other words, we write on a topic on a keyword. Let’s say we write an article about free gifts, that means “free gifts” is our keyword which has to be embedded in the subject title (by default the title becomes an H1 and btw we don’t need more than one H1) – and due to this it reflects in the URL, it has to be there because Google spiders read it.  Additionally I have that keyword in the first sentence and in the last sentence in any case. But you got to be careful, those spiders don’t like blogs stuffed with the keyword all over.


In case you want to study keyword research a bit deeper you can get some nice knowledge visiting this very helpful links:

to consider #2
» always take care for a meaningfully keyword density.

Background Info:  On-Page SEO’s significance means more than ever. No longer are backlinks and simply pinging or sending out a RSS feed the key to getting Google PageRank or Alexa Rankings. One now simply NEEDS On-Page SEO. So called search engine spiders are crawling your page, analyzing the content, and determining which keyword terms your page might be relevant for. In other words, a series of on-page SEO factors are responsible for determining how well your website is optimized for search engines. Result: One now NEEDS On-Page SEO badly.

Hint for “On-Page SEO” – Spread out all three H tags (H1, H2, H3) – Optimize keyword and make sure that it has a nice keyword density of 3-5% in the article with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) – spiders check this.


It is easier than it looks at the very beginning, just stick with it, do not quit and soon you’ll realize, that was your best decision.


Most of the time we blog using WordPress which is a predefined platform, easy to learn how to handle, spread out all over the world – 100% free and, most importantly, one gets indexed by all search engines. Some years ago I’ve even set up a short info site. Meanwhile WordPress has being getting better and better and offers thousands of more differently themes.

In case you are not familiar with blogging it might look something like deterring and overwhelming at the beginning. Please don’t let that stopping you. Don’t quit because nevertheless It’s so logically, you simply have to go through this beginner scenario – either way. And that is the case all over. And as far as this phase is concerned, after a short time of practicing obstacles diappear.

So, back to work. The writing job itself is basically not so complicated and from the first to the next and to the next and to the next… you are getting better and better, and finally it’s more and more fun to blog. Neverthless we should follow some rules as far as our reading habits is concerned.


Here I will give you my latest realizations, contemporary blogging so to speak, and you do not owe me a penny. Just study and enjoy my general structure:


You can basically go with a headline you think is interesting. But it’s way better to make a so called keyword research additioanlly. Doing this you can optimize your headline and targeting exactly. There are some great tools you can take advantage of, but I personally do my entire keyword research exclusively using “Google Keyword Tool” – it’s easy to handle and it’s absolutely free of any cost. I love it.

to consider #3 » I prefer to select 1 keyword only. For the title I leave out quotations and avoid using special characters such as – * % @ etc, as this will create a poor permalink.

Meanwhile introduction has changed to “very important” and here you can do many mistakes or – in case you are following my hints – you can avoid it.
Introduction consists of 2 – 3 short paragraphs – minimum 2 sentences but not more than 6 lines each.

Some points in general:

• starting off with a question would even be better »» that hooks people in
• personal connection is important :: without it nobody will connect with you
• share personal experience and use “YOU” and “I” alot – instead “WE” better use “I”
• only in case you use market analyses or refering to articles etc – just.hyperlink the ..source. We call that outbound linking, spiders like that

And btw, after the introduction I always place an image. Reason: people like to hover over images and click, what is good for conversions. And here I also like bridging to one of my businesses I’ve in mind, if appropriate. Again, see my overview blog page right here.

The main body starts with a keyword-embedded-sub-headline (in on-page seo we call it H2) – and the following body text. In order to optimizing this part I pay attention to the layout, the arrangement, creative stuff and structuring to make it more fun to read. For instance people like lists with figures and dots.

At the end of the main body I’m refering to an older blog I’ve postet in the past, which is an internal or an inbound link. Additionally on an appropriate place I hyperlink an outbound link, refering to Wikipedia or Huffington Post, what ever is interesting for the reader. Neverthless you gotta be careful to not lose your visitor.

Please notice »» Content is the holy grail of search engine optimization. Without excellent content that answers the questions that users are seeking, ranking on search engines is very difficult. You can put yourself in the best position to rank highly by ensuring that you have excellent content that is possibly cited by other industry authorities and publications (which is called  Off-Page SEO btw).

The conclusion is probably “most important” because :: as a resume of the main. BUT please take into consideration, readers like to scroll down to the conclusion even before they are even reading the main body. THAT makes the conclusion sooo important. Conclusion always ends with a question – (to get more comments).

The length of a single blog should not be shorter than some 500 words up to 2k words. As far as I’ve experienced this point, search engine spiders like it rather longer. So visitors stay longer on the site, spiders figure that out and rank you higher. Not a bad idea to take this into consideration as well. But of course there are different meanings out there, as always.

Simply go and find out your own realizations, put into action what you have learned right now. It’s a process of development just by doing it. You are educating yourself, literally.


This, my friend, are basic secrets, and as my valued reader you are very welcome to take advantage of. But I’ve more.
daily blogging

First off, here is an example how a blog can look like, it’s my way to publish. Yours may vary (it even should so) and I’ll show you how that is possible, along the way. You’ll be astonished and you’ll love it after all.

A Blogging Example

This is an example of one of my published blogs.


It is necessary nowadays to serve your blog in a good layouted appearance or look, so to speak. That needs a nice arrangement and structuring – so that all reader can digest it with real fun

Possibilities are truly unlimited, and the more original, interesting, helpful, entertaining, on-topic, insightful posts you make, the more pages you’ll get listed in the search engines – and the more visitors you’ll attract.

to consider #4 » after a while you can move on one step further. For example, you could be watching a really interesting video on YouTube and want to share it with others. Your website should be a great place to do this! You just have to use the Share and Embed code that YouTube gives out to post the video directly onto the site! It can also be a good idea to write your own introduction and thoughts about the video when posting.

to consider #5 » in connection with your new blogging activities it’s advisable to establish some additional social sites (just in case you haven’t done so to the day) as there are mainly FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter or whatever you like. Exemplary you can visit my ones on the fly right here. (FBTwitterG+)



#2  How to penetrate or spread that blog the widest.

Now, that you’ve learned how to write a good compelling blog post according to the newest standard, we are looking for the very best way to penetrate your blogs. As I said it at the beginning: you have to consider 2 main points which are writing the blog and penetrating the blog. And here is the good news for you. I found the very best blogging platform one can think of. I state that with emphasis after a period of trying out.



In case your blog is ready for publishing, you need something like a BLOGGING PLATFORM to get indexed and to be found in the spaciousness of the Internet .!

So called search engine spiders are checking their sources (for example WordPress based sites) all the time, hungry for new articles and this sort of stuff. And all I can say is »» Empower Network (akronym EN) make the best blogging platform available – by far! – And that is not simply a statement, this is my personal experience since years.


It’s important to note that the very nature of Internet Marketing is constant change.

Couple of month ago they started an improvement, a complete revision by following latest standards and search engine programmings. They called their  new platform which is such a great marketing tool “KALATU” »» after I beta-checked it I even gave it another name: “The Philosophers Stone” in the blogging industry. That may sound somewhat effusively, but after a certain phase of checking out and getting used to it you’ll come to the same result. KALATU is simply the most effective blogging platform on the net. And before you step away in the fear of high costs for such a thing… don’t do so. It’s not expensive and it’s really affordable for everyone. Thus, stay with me.


is based on WordPress and stuffed with a whole bunch of great plug-ins and features, additionally. I would like to emphasize some special ones which stand out particularly.


»»   Many individual options for customizing theme settings. Not only for several themes to choose from, but you can change almost every detail after you’ve decided for a theme you wanna go with – almost infinite possibilities. 

»»   A great and valuable tutorial section with how to use video walks, explaining and teaching all the details you need to know. Exemplary I want to mention those setup tutorials which are absolutely important when you start your  exciting blogging journey. And you get teached in theme and themes setting, global and seo settings ans setting up menus as well. A comprehensive help set away from the start.

»»   Extensive widget selection area – HTML text widgets, commenting widget and ‘very important’ with a great support widget. And btw I wanna mention, an automatic set up on main social pages.

»»   Last but not least I want to refer to something special – never seen to the net to the day. As a sign how they care for their members, you can take advantage of a service they call “the 21 Day Blogging Challenge” – the reason for this baby is to help you how to build a pofitable blog in 21 days or less… members can register for free.


It is absolutely very important to stand out of the crowd, to show up special >>  with your personal arranged design of a good composed and structured blog. Stuffed with all those SEO necessities and details in order to being shown in the search results.



My very respected reader, I started with the question “Can one earn money with blogging only?” – that was straight forward, and my answer is also straight forward ‘yes you can’ over the time. You just have to stick with it, no breaks, no interruptions, no excuses. And if it seems tooo difficult at the beginning, believe me, it’s getting better and easier along the way.

On this site I’ve given you all informations how I personally carry out my daily bloggings using latest knowledge and tested techniques, and taking advantage of the very best blogging platform I’ve ever experienced. In case you’ve enjoyed this short info course and would like to check out if you could take blogging into consideration as well … I can highly recommend to do so. It’s not a price question, it’s just a question if you are convinced or not. I am convinced after quite a time of experience.

A last word at the end and I mean that seriously. On all of my sites I’m just laying out what I do and what works for me. I do not use this presentation to pitch you, neither can you expect something like a baite and switch thing. You can feel totally free to leave this site without any obligation, that’s for sure. It is just my intention to help where help is needed, and in case you take advantage of what I explained and probably succeed with … it would make me kinda happy and proud. Have a prosperous time.

Peter Wurzer


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