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Internet Marketing

‘Internet Marketing Basics’ is simply the first step in order to start internet activities . !

I always state “Without the right tools your Internet Marketing Business can fall apart overnight.” Question is, which one are the most important tools we need? My answer: There are 2 real important  things we need in the first place. That’s a Responder and a Video Recorder. If there is some one who do not know about the importance about a responder, listen up. We finally need responders in order to build our lists. But how much is that going to cost us? Oh boy, this is no fun, for sure. Of course, one can select out of so many offers on the market. But monthly payments can be horrendously. The list goes on. What about hosting? After you have purchased a URL? Costs regularely about some 10 bucks a month. And what about Email Accounts, Blogger Builder or WordPress. And before one realizes you have to spend some 200 bucks a month or even more – BEFORE you can even start a business.

Wouldn’t it be great (under this circumstances) to have something where everything is included in a single package (in a box so to speak) and where everything is working together without any problem? And for an affordable price as well? Long story short, I’ve already found the best solution for me and in case you’re a bit curiously, just go for my main site, there is all the good stuff. See you there.

In part 3 I finished with the following: To stay alive in Internet Marketing (IM) nowadays you need a handfull of several tools finally. Yes, I figured out I need Tools, Services & Hosting online to run my businesses. Autoresponder, Video Hosting, Web Conferencing, Lead Capture Pages, Video Emails etc… the list goes on, you name it. ??  OMG, my first question was, how can I find all that stuff? And how much time will that need? AND finally – is that going to cost me a fortune?

I‘m very sure you know that, and the most of you know exactly that this is NOT just a cheap pleasure. This stuff costs money. A lot of money. I can tell you, after I made the decission to go I faced the toughest part in my online business life. The search was on. But to make that long story short, in the long run I found something that was almost not to believe. That source offered  all I needed so badly under one simple login »» “one login for everything” – all this components put together. Immediately after that treasure trove my subconscious mind told me – you just found it !!

In the last short article I asked you the above question and my answer was: „Yes, Internet Marketing Tools are absolutely of great importance. Now, just right here the money comes into the play, as always. That can cost you some bucks, unfortunately we need them, without any doubt. There is a saying “Price Always Wins” (and of course that product should be a great one in any case and best with important technical features as well). Provided that, there are still big price differences on the market and one has to be careful before buying the next best. I can say there was a lot to learn for me, what I did not know at the starting point. Did you know: To stay alive in Internet Marketing (IM) nowadays you need a handfull of several tools finally. Yes, I figured out I need Tools, Services & Hosting online to run my businesses. Autoresponder, Video Hosting, Web Conferencing, Lead Capture Pages, Video Emails etc… the list goes on, you name it.

Many of you are not happy with this tools stuff for their Internet Marketing. Love to look around for some „Getting Rich in Days Programs“. All I can say is: First off there is no such stuff on the internet and never will be. Everybody knows but like to dream of. After knowing this, you better concentrate to learn before you can earn. And in tools ARE part of the deal.  Let me  say this: today, getting this point under control is not a big problem any more – as it was in former years. I personally remember quite well what a big thing that was, nowadays it’s not more than a piece of cake. There are programs and offers out there everybody can take advantage of. What I did, for instance, was to purchase a bunch of the core tools all in one single suite, what I simply could not do in former years. And because of that I can really talk about in a way of good experience. You can find alot of this  visiting my sites.

Once upon a time I made a decission. I said to myself: “Why not starting an Internet Marketing Business as so many others do?” No sooner said than done. From that point on I faced problem after problem and that thing was not going to stop – until today. I’m an advertising and marketing expert, supposingly internet marketing is just another but pretty close way of marketing I thought. Yes, that may be true, but it is almost not to compare, it is really a different game (with some same basics). Oh boy, I went through a hard time, nonetheless I did never quit. I learned and picked up alot (btw, I still do  it, every day) and I payed alot as well. Today I know, all of us have to go that hurdling, more or less. Friends, I could tell you stories… but let’s keep this short, as I promised you at the beginning. In the next post I’ll give you some very essential hints, exactly for those of you who need some stuff in order to avoid beginning with pretty wrong expectations.

There are many marketing tools out there for Local Internet Marketing. Not always that easy to go along with as they say and not always working the way they say. Here are some infos about the tool which is taking advantage of the power of Facebook. Since I use it, it has been working well for me when it comes to getting clients. For the most part, I’m using printed coupons as lead sources. In my case, that means Valpaks, Moneymailers, Clipper magazines, local newspaper ads – you name it. Anywhere a business is already offering discounts. I’ve found that in 99% of these cases, the business also advertises its Web site on the coupon. So I’ll create a demo campaign using their coupon offer and their Web site. Often I’ll use a branded gate, to make it even more personalized. Then I’ll send them the branded demo link via the contact form/email on their site. Not everyone will respond of course, but that‘s the business, many will respond with curiosity and questions. By then they’ve seen the gate+coupon in demo mode with their Web site and their offer; it’s a great attention-getter and the conversation starting point! You’ll find all that visiting my sites.

…leveraging the power of facebook. Needless to explain Facebook or how useful Facebook is. I had the same problem, literally. Okay, I found something that is a great help and it costs peanuts, just  some 3 bucks. In my opinion, this important for everyone who is doing Internet Marketing. So, I thought I cannot hold back such a bargain and it’s a must to tell you. And because it is no real business for me I can do it anyway and you’ll be glad. It’s the first time I put a link in here. :: My very good friend Joel Therien released a Facebook Marketing Course and well, he must have gone – insane. Here is why. That book was originally going to sell it at $197.00.. but then he decided to sell it at $2.95 cents! Ah.. I said to him, what’s the catch, what is the upsell? He said to me “there is no catch, no upsell, no forced continuity.. there is NO CATCH at all!” And finally “Most brand new marketers turn to facebook for leads.. and well.. most brand new marketers have very little money to spend…” Okay, as I said, this is simply a bargain, go and get that book ( and master your marketing with this first class FB marketing help. But don’t forget, it’s the first time I put a link into my blog. I’m not going to repeat that, but this time I simply could not resist.

The better, if not the best way is to take advantage of marketing tips which are coming from colleagues who ARE successful and can talk from a position others can’t. As I always say, related to those who ARE actually successful, who ARE running that business they talk about (not only smart university professors, which is not bad at all) it’s kind of another very special feeling one  gets. Their stuff is proven, their seminars are the blue-print of an actually happening success. Guys, this is it. In this regard I always remember when I attended Vick’s webinars first time. For me, it was downright inevitable to get this goose bumps. I said to me, Peter, he is the one I can trust. From that point on I was ready to release my inner bad ass! Step in and read and listen about Internet Marketing tips first source, so to speak.

…for a successful business. That is the truth. Who thinks that is not the case? In my opinion that doesn’t even enter the equation. But to make this clear, I’m not that kinda guy who says one should not start an Internet Marketing Business until he understands everything. If that would be the case, you never ever could start anything. What I think is we have to know those basics, the basics are like a foundation for the future. Do not make the mistake and start something without knowing anything. You for sure run into a terrible problem, a two-fold problem so to speak. You are losing a lot of time (probably money as well) and you lose self-assurance, which is probably the worse. And in order to give you my very best advice > you absolutely should follow right away: – it’s a MUST so to speak – AND basic membership is for FREE !!

There is a keyword, named “Conversions”. Yes, you surely know it. The problem simply is, it’s really a very strange task to talk about it. It’s for sure a multilevel phenomenon. And, honestly, I did not run in one man who could really explain it in the whole. Until I met my friend Vick for me it always was a closed book. Vick is an expert when it comes to driving traffic and closing businesses. The same holds true when it comes to Internet Marketing. And after he started another great thing last year I got such a lot of educational stuff… friends I’m 200% convinced his big idea mastermind is the best I ever got. He literally takes you by the hand and the only thing you have to do is to follow him. Go for it.

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