Internet Marketing Basics.

Internet Marketing Basics

‘Internet Marketing Basics’ is simply the first step in order to start an Online-Biz before any other effort or activity. You for sure already heard about that »» over 95% fail…  and why is that the case? You guessed it: it’s because not being aware what an online business is all about. It’s a matter of fact, there is absolutely no possibility being successful the easy way… and that’s the reason I’m talking about ‘Marketing Basics’ all the time .!


I am here to help you as much as I can in order to not stumbling at every hurdle you even cannot see. I can mediate where to begin with and what those internet marketing basics are you really need to understand this business and what is not so important. I’ll explain what you are going to expect in the internet marketing arena. You will learn all necessary “how to’s” and “why’s”. All this kinda stuff will help you to save time and possibly a lot of money – and it is inevitable to learn all this in order to avoid disappointments and failure so many colleagues are steady experiencing .


Internet Marketing Expert

Online Marketing Basics

Friends, running an internet business is not a piece of cake as so many offers are telling you. Absolutely not! Please don‘t believe all the stories you can read on the internet. And please, don‘t believe those get-rich-quick schemes – simply, there is no such thing on the internet, and of course you will find this nowhere – why should that happen anywhere?


In case you really want to start an Online Marketing Business there will be no other way than learning the BASICS and at the end of the day you may take off full power with all the most important stuff in the baggage.

And in spite of knowing – actually it’s not the journey you’re looking for, but the destination called ‘financial freedom’ – it is an internal necessity for me to give you this warning: there is no shortcut, absolutely no shortcut.

Here I keep it with T.Harv Eker who says in his famous book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: If you are not continuously learning, you will be left behind.

That means nothing more than only afterwards, in the sweat of your brow, you will earn the fruits of your labor. And the more you learn the more you earn. No excuses, no ifs, no buts, no maybes. Never complain, you gotta going to make it. Then you deserve it.

You got to learn:  Internet Marketing Basics are to treat like any other business. You sure will lose money if you are not alert to any business you have to pay for. On the other hand those businesses where they say it will not be necessary to pay even a dime and you never ever will, and there is almost no work necessary – this is flat out a lie, even if you want to believe ‘it please may be possible’. I can asure you: this is the last you should do! And finally you never ever will earn a dime as well .


My friend Charlie Page states:

“The good thing about the Internet is that there are so many different ways to make money.

And the bad thing about the Internet is that there are so many different ways to make money.” ;)


This being said – what can we do?

Okay, let’s listen to Charlie again, he says: “Give yourself time to find what fits YOU instead of trying to make yourself fit into any business or program” and “If you are losing sleep over the ability to pay your bills and need some very fast money, you may be much better off getting a second job for a while than ‘starting an online business’.” That may sound a bit harsh, but it’s my most honest advice I can give you. And even if you don’t like it at all, you’ll thank me later.

First and formost, Internet Marketing is not to use as a „last chance“ or as a „fast income earner“. There is a wise saying, first thing is to Learn How To Earn – and exactly this is it what I can say after years of steady failing. I learned it the hard way – but I learned it! And there is a good chance for you to go the easy way now.

Learn How To Earn

In reality, there are basic steps every successful marketer has taken. But the most important one is “Education” – without any doubt. Education is an essential investment >> Invest In Education – concentrate on getting an education in marketing as that is by far the most important part of any business. In this connection I love to follow Will Smith’ statements -literally- when he says There is no easy way around it, no matter how talented you are and Kevin Durant once said Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. And one more time Will Smith: Talent you’ve naturally, skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of work – there is no easy way around it, no matter how talented you are – your talent is going to fail you if you are not skilled“. This is basic stuff for everyone who wants to succeed. Nobody can set that repealed or annul it. Please do not ignore it.

„Project Breakthrough“

“” (Thus, excuse me for leaping ahead but I need to refer to this new thing: Vick Strizheus, the king of traffic, recently started something very special. It is a combination of best education and making money at the same time »»» This ingenious double pack is simply something like the ‘philosophers stone’ in my opinion – and exactly what an internet marketer needs nowadays. Curiously? Want informations right away?) “”
Your Breakthrough
Okay – click here and you can follow a great webinar, when it comes to “The 4% Group” – the most powerful marketing and training center for an online entrepreneur. where it is called results and simplicity.

Learn How To Earn

Now… “Where do I get started?” is a steady question I get asked all the time. And the answer I just gave you above. The very, very, very first thing is education, you got to get the skill set – it’s as simple as that. “I’m broke, have no money, how do I make a million online?” is another question. I’m sure you know the answer already. Probably you better look for a job for a while until you learned what is a Domain, Hosting, Email Accounts, Internet Marketing Tools, WordPress, Auto Responder, Video Producer, Conferencing… the list goes on. Just read my several articles. This is something that costs you nothing but a bit of your time.

Simply said – you (everyone) have to learn this business like any other one. If you want to become an engineer or a physician and what not… you got to go to highschool or university – you know what I mean? Absolutely the same thing on the internet. Most of us don‘t believe this, and because of that 95%+ are spending money »» and fail. I will point you in the right direction. I want you to do so with a very specific mind state – “will/why/how/when”. I’m not here just to promote the next affiliate launch or BS money maker. Hence I want to say: I don’t BS my way through hype or sales pitches. What you need are the most important Online and Internet Marketing Basics. That said, you may step forward and visiting my first chapter “Learn Online Marketing” right here.

My Advertising Pays

My Advertising Pays

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My Advertising PaysMy Advertising Pays

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So, what is that mean?

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This program called “My Advertising Pays” – which I started at the beginning of this year and all I can say is, this baby works great. You just need persistance and determination. And there is a lot of potential with this program. Some members even make a full-time income from it alone.

Please, let me repeat this:
You can earn money over the time by just clicking on 10 offers every 24 hours  AND  you can try it out 4 full weeks for just: nothing. No membership fee, no catch! After that 4 weeks of free testing you can make your decision. Either you proceed or not (and if you do not want to go further, nothing happens, you still remain as a free member. Yes you are right: no automatically upgrade, it’s only on you) – very honestly, isn’t that fair? And I can tell you after experience, it’s exactly this way only because I recommend it. Rest asured, this is not a fairy tale at all. All I can say is, its really worth the time to try it out. Do you need more?

Now, after being a member you can start immediately with your “My Advertising Pays” program where you get paid every 20 minutes. I’m so happy I started My Advertising Pays and so will you – happy clicking.



Yet, after all it’s time to talk biz and making money .!

During those many years of online marketing I’ve seen a lot, believe me, and unfortunately the most was real negative. Absolutely. You probably guessed it. Nine out of ten opportunities have been dying after a couple of years or simply disappeared in the nirvana of the internet. Left behind them legions of disappointed entrepreneurs. Meanwhile laws were issued, the FTC was established and most providers have been gotten better and better and became more respectable. That means the percentage of attempted frauds is decreasing – but nevertheless there is still a lot of tricky stuff on the market (I just fell for one – was too confidence blessed and fell for the manager’s slimy words).

Despite all that I am inconsolable to determine ‘making money online’ did not become easier. Quite the reverse. Knowledge has become more and more important, whatever they may say – please believe me and please don’t fall for it. You run the risk of losing time and possibly money. I simply know it better, literally.

Due to all that reasons I decided to show you some stuff I’m active in already. You can look up at my chapter Finding the Right Business as well where I’m about describing my number one business in more detail. Will have it ready during September.



The very real reason I’m introducing this special business here is the following:

Did you know one can earn money by only posting daily .?

I can give you a “YES” as a clear and straight forward answer »» this is possible, BUT you need to have a contemporary top developed posting platform – which IS the case here. And it is still their main product. I figured out it’s for sure the best on the market and they offer it for a pretty low monthly fee. I even figured out daily blogging was their main market penetration tool from the very beginning on. Content concerning this you can easily find in my chapter Learn Online Marketing – so go there and read what I experienced, I cannot emphasize this enough.


Traffic is the blood of  life for Online Marketers …


Every online marketer knows – generating traffic is the biggest obstacle one has to overcome.  The entire marketing starts with traffic generation and therefor it is especially sensitive.  Referring to this fact you need the appropriate knowledge in this marketing segment and in this regard I use something not only extremely valuable but also 100% based on long testing-time-periods and experience. 
My friend Vick Strizheus started a new breathtaking “Learning & Making Money At The Same time” ingenious combination. This perfect Traffic & Conversions Machine is is not just a system, it is much more. He called it “The 4% Group” which now is world’s best, most creative, most simplistic and most powerful marketing and training center for an online entrepreneur – immense educational worth. And I say it one more time: “This is simply the best SOLUTION when it comes to Online Marketing” nowadays.
“THE 4% GROUP” – get hands on latest marketing methods .!

“THE 4% GROUP” – get hands on latest marketing methods .!


How To Become a Super Affiliate

My mentor Vick Strizheus just released a video presentation called ‘The 4% Group’ – It shows you specifically in detail how to become a super affiliate and crush your competition virtually overnight. Vick creates campaigns that pull over $600K per month in sales so I highly recommend watching this training which is for no cost btw!



Here you may read my basic chapters.
I call this “The Fulfillment of Affiliate Marketer’s Needs”

1Learn Online Marketing
2Finding the right business
3Finding ways how to market
4Finding the best way to Get in Shape
      (personally for yourself and also as an opportunity)
….How to get into the Best Shape of your Life (full content)
….The “Art of Blogging” Site
…..The M.A.P. Super Business
….Das M.A.P. Super Geschäft

You may click directly on the respective topic in order to check out what I have to say after all my personal experiences during recent years. And I’ll give you my best advices as well – “Businesses” and especially “Tools” I’ve already tried out personally and still running.
And in order to make myself perfectly clear, I never lose touch with cost-benefit analysis which becomes more and more apparent in times like this. But don’t get me wrong: the “Product” itself always comes first. And only if the product is top the price research is next. After all price always wins. With regard to this scenario you can expect my procedure.
I’m afraid I can’t help you with a heartbreaking story, have never gone broke, never lost everything and what not… I’ve simply always been in the marketing business industry, have always been pretty successful with my companies, earned a lot of money and still doing it on the net today. But believe me, it’s all built on my basic knowledge. That’s what I want to get for you as well.
I also want to point out here – I‘m not going to misuse this sites just as a sales funnel. Even if you want to purchase the one or the other program or tool which has been working great for me (I’ll never ever talk about others) – I steady want you to study everything very careful before any decision. That may cost you some time BUT no money. My experience is, it’s kind of a hard way – but believe me, it’s the only way! You’ll figure out yourself… sooner or later.
(btw – talking the term „Marketing Funnel“ – this is unavoidable for an online marketer nowadays and shortly I can tell you more. I found something which is probably the best of the best on the market. And the very best…  I can offer you an absolutely breath taking extremely valuable and totally FREE course »» mind blowing stuff so to speak.)

Even running the risk of repeating myself – here is what is so important to know (before any overhastily decision) :: Don’t fall for the hype of getting in early! Well that’s an easy answer and it can all be summed up by one quote I heard at my last event: “If it’s a good opportunity now. It would be a good opportunity a year from now.”

That’s why it is so essential to master the internet marketing basics.
Never forget „To Be In The Know Is King“.
The more you know the more you can follow Hockey Great Wayne Gretsky who said: “I don’t care where the puck is, I go to where the puck is going to be…”

Have fun & best success, I love to help, Peter Wurzer

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And btw, talking Charlie Page, I offer you his ebook just as a free gift “Ezine Traffic Formula”  if you want to drive highly targeted traffic to any website.

















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